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Buy Fidget Cube Kickstarter e first to keep the custody. Jiang Yichen argue. That is Ye Fan brother lied to Tingting, and did not give buy fidget cube kickstarter us Jiang home, long said that one day to get back. Tingting buy fidget cube kickstarter seriously open. Words can not say so, how can things sent back to it, this is buy fidget cube kickstarter my god of the Jiang family, Tingting you are still small, there is no matter what you do not say Jiang Yichen swept Xiaoting Ting one eye. Yes, the fate of this holy thing is indeed to be discussed, can not make a hasty decision to prevent being taken away. Gray people nodded. Ye Fan heart anger, Jiang family really have a family to win all bodily gas tripod, not Jiang Yichen himself so simple, he knew.